Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mere Paa

This is neither about Amitabh Bacchan nor a moive rating post...this is about Paa my paa..
This is some kind of a Ittefaq that one got released on Friday and my Paa also came back to my home town on the same day after living in some other city for years..

I got my Paa back home (dekho meri badi issmlee :D)

Having him available all the weekdays-ends makes me feels so carefree..

I don't have to think about servicing, telephone bills, guardianship for siblings, missed school buses of my brother.. ;)

I Hugged him tightly after years...felt like a small kid again...and gossiped with him about all my cousins and relatives...

All these years it felt so difficult to say that I love him so much and missed him on every single day when he was not here with us..

The greatest gift I ever had Came from God; I call him Dad! - Author Unkown

Thursday, September 10, 2009



(read at your own risk, writer should not be blamed for any sade hue tamater wale expression :P)

kyun 7 din ek se nai hote..

kyun mujhe maths se darr lagta hai..

kyun sahi waqt pe mere phone ka balance NIPAT jata hai..

kyun dost call you later kehke call nai karte..

kyun yeh word frustration banaya gaya..

kyun mera headphone aur speaker itne aache mausam mein kharab hai..

kyun log time pe milte nai..

kyun rakhi sawant shadi nai karti..

kyun ladke lal (red) chaddi pehen ke jhooht bolte hai (ke hum nai pehente)..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

फिर कुछ याद आया...

सुई में धागा आज पिरोया
कमरे की बत्ती में फिर मन खोया,

बीते दिनों में जकडे गए थे
एक बंधन से छूट रहे थे,

कोने में कुछ पड़े थे बक्से,
उन्हें खोल कर मन को आजाद कराया|

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Innocence Over Guilt

The rules are thus…
You can
only say Guilty or Innocent..
or whatever I feel like..this is my chahe karu :)

Mein is rule ko nai manti :P
Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag your friends.


Asked someone to marry you? Yeah, so many times..

Ever kissed someone of the same opposite sex? I didnt get right chance

Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent

Ever told a lie? Daily 2100 times

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? My fish..errrr

Kissed a picture? Innocent (shy) :)

Slept in until 5 PM? yes yes...mera AM-PM sab chalta hai

Fallen asleep at work/school? soo many timess yaarr..countless

Held a snake? yeah plastic ka

Been suspended from school? 2 baar..with proud :D

Worked at a fast food restaurant? nope

Stolen from a store? never

Been fired from a job? not yet

Done something you regret? well, we all have what makes it special if I write here

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yes yes yes..

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? NO :( , Haven't seen the real snowflake...I need sponsors for my Finland trip now

Kissed in the rain? :) Every time

Sat on a roof top? Yeah..sat on the roof, slept on the roof etc etc

Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Innocent

.This question is deleted. :P

Shaved your head? hehe.. cant imagine me as 'TAKLI'

Shot a gun? Yeah..the one we have in fun shoot balloon..I M Champ

Donated Blood? hehe.. I need some blood donation right now

Liked someone, but will never tell who? Ignoring this question :P

Been too honest? Hmm..yeass

Erased someone in your friends list? Yeas RECENTLY

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thank you!! Day

Its been more than a year on blog...for me blogs have been very fascinating...yes of course the frequency of blogging kept on varying at times...I did a lot of experiments while writing. maintaining blog themes, searching hell lota widgets and templates...and very important of all, I met so many people..made friends...which is certainly difficult for me..m slow at making friends...but all thanks to my loveliest blog and of course gmail...
Practically I cant write about every one, coz my list goes very long..also it holds some responsibility to write about someone...the know how for everyone is obviously different...
Here I go :-

Priya Joyce - I would call her a jhoothi ladki... :P..initially we knew her as Shobna...The first ever person I met on blog...we use to blog at odd hours, 5:30 mrng...exchanged so many emails, hugs and love..

Hemzi - Very famous 'urs hemu' of blog ville...we use to have long long chat conversation about stupid things and teasing each other...the brave soldier has got married now, god bless him :P

Digant - A fine artist in my blog roll...if you like colours with meaningful shouldn't waste anymore time and must check out his of the most favourite blogs I have.

Farah - Extremely talented writer..some of her post can make you cry...Farah once you said in your post that we have got some kind of sisterly connection..I too feel that.

I'l try to be truthful - She is a Hindi-English khichdi writer...very few people can create humor and you never miss fire :)...

Peter - Popularly known as Pinku in my blog...Very faltu prani..just like me..but no more vella because he has got a job. :)..This shitty blogger has got awesome status messages on person on blog who has accompanied me at various vellapanti before exams...

Nithin - Kochu he calls himself..a real master piece of irritation and a very hardworking doctor ...keeps on grrrin and slappin in comments every time...and writes very long posts...

Pranay - Another doctor, who is so versatile...he can compose songs..learning Spanish..a doctor all set for PG and very willing to help people through his noble profession...and writes blog too...itna sab kaise kar leta hai yaarr..

Mayz - Lover boy of our blog ville...I haven't found anyone soo damn romantic...he is the only person who can fit with a pink color tie :)...true mad deep lover...

Asmi - I proudly announce, she is my business partner in HI-FI Huggies :P ...anyone one interested to join us should go through her blog...she is a free bird every time ready for fun and masti..

Vikram - The tough look guy who is better known as rain who is always available to speak and listen...

Stephan - We both had written a song sometime back..and i m looking forward for some more beautiful creations...a very hyper boy..keeps on writing writing and writing...

Nikhil - Sometimes we don't require time to build up relationships..right niks...he is one of the best est persons I have met so long.

Vinay - The only person I have met who never gets bored of poetry...tell him any topic and he can write the best of poetry you might have ever read...

Deranged Insanity - She is no more on blog spot...but I especially miss you in my comments and blog list...

Abhilash, Aneesh, Ankita, Anirudh, Crystal, Divu di, Diana, Hobo, Iceman, Keshi, Lena, Mehreen, Pooja, Raka, Rats, Randeep, Saim, Sam, Smriti, Sarath, Suyog and Yayaver....M sorry if I missed out anyone.
You people have also been very dear to me and my blog. Thank you so much.

picture by Nicole

PS - Doctors point of view on Swine Flu..must read for everyone...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Untitled again

The path connecting

me to myself has blocked somewhere,

maybe there’s someone standing

in between my grief...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The passing days of life were just different. Not like how I always wanted them to be, but certainly how I never thought of them in that way. Best possible thing for me to do now is to make a wonderful delicious mindshake to gulp down boredom. It seems so hard to pull down sand in the time flask.
I know some part of my sunshine is missing. But, we all have a day fixed for ourself to feel the bliss of heaven and highly favoured. Sooner or later it reaches with graceful moments and obscure flavor of life. Waiting for my reflected arcs. Sigh!!
(Thanks to Julie Pavletich for this endearing picture)

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Dream Man or Men

I was wondering how fast the time flies. Feeling like “abhi kal hi ki baat lagti hai jab mummy ne pehli baar pados ke tinku se milwaya tha aur by god ki kasam usko dekh ke mere hosh ud gaye the I mean koi ladka itna chikna kaise ho sakta hai”.
NO NO I was not at all like the nain mattaka type girl….par dil hai ke manna hi nai chahta… :P

So the symptoms of all my adaiyen (typical girly expression) started coming out soon. Oye adaiyen matlab baacho wali.

So let me share some of my dream man or men which I thought of since my childhood. Kindly ignore your logical thoughts for few minutes like everyone does at the time of watching David Dhawan ki movie.

- The first position goes to a TRUCKWALA, the benefit I use to think of it was, hum hamesha ghoomte rahenge..sara India naap (measure) lenge.
- Then I forgot him as soon as I understood the importance of dresses for girls. It’s like a never ending competition between all females, to have more and more and more number of dresses. All variety all color, they want all…I mean I want all…all of them. So the next person came was the one who had this big showroom and all those variety and colors.
- One day I went with..?? hmm with whom I don’t remember…but yeah I remember I went for an ice cream, and I realized this was my manzil (target actually) I don’t need a showroom wala dream man, I want this ice cream wala…roz roz free fund ki ice cream khao.
- Finally, my happy days came to an end and I went to school. I met a maths teacher there and I hated him but then I thought like a chatur chalak ladki with komolika expression ‘agar mein isko aapne jaal mein fasa lu toh yeh maths ka paper out kar dega mere liye aur fir mujhe 2 ka table yaad nai karna padega’, and he replaced the icey creamy wala.
- Some not so important people to mention here, the same class guys and new guys in alternate year… skip skip and see how I tired to hop in all type of professions.

Chalo chalo get back to work all of you...sab thodi na likhne wali hu...sab bhai behen padte hai blog... kya sochnege mere bare mein.
Chalo bhago yaha se!

(Michael Jackson - King of Pop died...a news for those who dont even bother to check the home page)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


With the different moves in life we think to pause certain moments and hold the tiny proportion of seconds. We did remember the feel about the unusual things happened with us. It becomes special and very extra ordinary for us, like we never felt before.
I wish I could bottle them in the empty spaces of time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Typical SHE

Girls are such a creature who would emerge very unlike from at first what they are. It’s not only the hormones alone its something which they take over from Venus. Girlfriends and wives can be the best spy team in the world. No more better detectives we could get. This XX chromosome has full on potential to bring guys down in most of the conditions :P . Make sure you have Venus in your favor or else this lady luck can ruin you with the help of jhadu (kind of Indian vacuum cleaner). A typical she is gifted with a dhasu kind of memory, able to remember all the days you didn’t come on time, you forgot to take her out, number of time you didn’t said you love her, times you slept while she was telling you how kamla vimala nirmala told her latest gossip..etc etc etc..
She is definitely the one you chose for yourself when you didn’t know the hidden talents of getting screwed.
So all you fools there get some phool (flower) for your dear one just in case you have only one, if not then try something that bites less of your pocket. Keep the typical one happy inside and rest you can be assured off. She would kill you with her smile.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Door ke Darshan

Doordarshan more precisely known as ‘Door ke Darshan’. The Indian broadcast service which has remained truly untouched with the way it was presented. The look and feel has been the same today, though the content and presentation has upgraded from the past.
Remember the good old days when cable, dish and satellite TV were not the part of our daily routine. Doordarshan was the only available source of information, education and entertainment. Some things never change like the news reader of doordarshan or the duration of brakes. It’s just the same. The only channel you could see after years with some changes and would feel like “Aaj bhi waise hi hai”.

Have a look at the video clip; this is a sequence from a program called gali gali sim sim one of my favorites on DD these days. Check the link.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Days of Insult

Think yourself truthfully, every time you had appeared in a competitive exam you knew what amount of effort you had given. What great efforts you had done to get in the ideal buildings of your interest. We walk through the way with something nothing inside. We expect sort of ‘chamatkars’ (magic) after exam. Whenever step out of examination hall we always knew what we had done. How many bubbles got filled with the traditional methods of inki pinki ponki or tossing eraser?

Believe yourself and you’ll stop blaming quotas, god and mathematics.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Faltu Baat

How would you feel when people start spotting pimple on your face? Obviously there won’t be any ‘good good’ feeling. This was how my day started today.
My dearest sister said – “ohhh see you got 2 pimples on face?” (very intense expression) she got something treasure able. I said "Hmm I spotted it last night itself and you don’t need to see the details of it like how big it is? Or how many days it will take to fade out? Yeah it looks very attractive right, that’s the first thing you need to tell me this sunny morning. Great now get lost.”
This wasn’t enough next comes my mom and says “See you have got big pimples.” Wow, so should I more blessed for that. Ufff now my mom also have great expectations from me that m pimple less creature. (Aishwarya Rai ko bhi pimple hote honge kasam se)
Another pimple claim held at office, the accountant auntyji said, “You have got redness on face”. (seedhe bolo na aunty pimple hai). I said “oh I didn’t know about that, yeah. (aacha hua aapne bata diya..huh)”

Khair jane do…bohot frustration hai.

Don’t make pimple a hot day topic atleast.

Pimple ko pimple hi rehne do koi naam na do.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Ghosts

Humans have tendency to hide in dark, its just we pretend to sleep. When we are new to this world our great lovable mom’s are the god lord savior from those big green eyed monsters. Gradually after passing few ages we understand that actually nothing like green eyed monsters are there in our lives, but certainly we have got some more dangerous creatures around ourselves so we don’t mind those dirty nauseating monsters. Humans are indeed the deadliest creatures we ever come across.
Not all souls are designed beautifully some are really very exclusive, special and more adorable, they are very much prone to hatred, anger and jealousy. Of course, we all have these XL and XXL sensitive souls around us. They just remain in- secured all their lives, longing and caring for love, more love and more and more love (they must carry a love-o-meter). These love ghosts are everywhere, girl sitting next to you in class, uncleji living in the 2nd street, bus wala etc. etc. No matter how we normal people behave the love monster keep on turning on and off all seasons of life. The day we start turning against them we loose all credibility against them, yeah they’ll show you the door from where you’ll b kicked off for every good time you had with them. No matter how bad you are better you get ready to hold on charge for murdering emotions, raping reputation and robbing their best buddies.
Whatever, the love ghosts are not going to listen anything now; you have committed the biggest crime ever (which you come to know after like ages) like, not congratulating them properly on getting good marks (god dammit we normal people are just so cruel, we should be hanged for this) this is such a big mistake, we are in reality bad. Ohhk fine now no more LIKES now ahead. This would make love ghost angrier.
We normal people are rude, egocentric and good for nothing souls. God kindly pardon us for this.

Monday, April 27, 2009

एक रात के साये में
थोड़ी से परछाई में,
खोज रहा था ख़ुद को वो
मांग रहा था जीवन वो,
खुली आँखों में था वो सपना
मंजिल दूर किनारे और तिनका,
सिमटी हाथो की रेखाएं
कहती उसको चलते जाए,
नहीं अकेला था में आया
में और मेरा हमसाया..

Friday, April 10, 2009


.....trying to make one for myself :D.....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i miss that road

There was a way I use to follow everyday…humming my darling song…inspecting left right every other second…my halt at the book shop…cute kitten of shop owner…smell of new books…chocolate wrappers on the way…dull evening light on my face…yellow gate where the handsome guy lived…plucked thrown flowers of garden…games of stray dogs...wave of kiddos from school bus…speed increment to run away from sticky relatives…
I miss that long journey of little moments.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aise hi kuch kuch - Part 3

they were going through a beautiful struggle
kissing silently each other on invisible mode
relocating the exchange of feeling
deep inside those dreams...

Saturday, March 28, 2009


sometimes i feel ashamed of being HUMAN..if we serve our humanity like this.
check this link

Thursday, March 19, 2009


“Best way to ignore the world is to go under Hibernation.”
- joie

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Battle with pain is about to over...cease fire is turning into action...fighting with self for myself...the game is over now…

Sunday, March 8, 2009

" Shrewd people never allow anyone to read their MIND."

Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Sighting

There was this strong unpleasant feeling, it was again a failed attempt for cusping life. Inadequate action or maybe lack of precision took the possession far away from him. Still it appeared annoyingly dainty and appealing. He got infected to the logic's now and tried to bring in more contamination till a dead lock is reached, this casted a morbid category of this being to get indulged into a sequence. This is a trap which had to begin somewhere but he didn’t knew, it was this and how. Preparations got hindered and continuously disturb the traumas which seriously hurt no more.
Pain was demanding more but it had no end to pleasure.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some senses broke down
when, it was bring into being
it’s too late sweetheart
you have fallen in the depth
and occupied forever..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


बाजारों की चलती गलिया
बिखरी बातें, खोजी अखिया
मनचाहे आकार को ढूंढे
रंग सलोने हाथ को तरसे
यह भी तो एक रूप है तेरा
बोले सपन अधूरे नैना
स्पर्श से जागे तनमय बतिया
खनके कानो में मीठी रैना...
bazaro ki chalti galiya
bikhri batein, khoji akhiya
manchahe aakar ko dhoondhe
rang salone hath ko tarase
yeh bhi toh ek roop hai tera
bole sapan adhoore naina
sparsh se jage tanmay batiya
khanke kano mein meethi raina...

Monday, February 9, 2009


"एक बूंद पड़े जो पानी की
गगरी तेरी छलती जाये
हवा जो उड़ती मुडती आये
साया भी तेरा छुपता जाये
कदम पड़े जो रेत में
धरती की प्यास भी बूँद में
चूड़ी तेरी लाक की
बूंदों का वज़न उठा न पाए
गगरी तेरी छलती जाये
बूंदों का वज़न उठा न पाए.."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

crying Smile

"trying to slow down
reducing the intensity
it has now become difficult,
for me to manage too much of smile,
it makes my eyes wet.."

Saturday, January 31, 2009


कुछ मंदबुद्धि लोग भी अनचाहा सा कर गुज़रते है क्युकि वे जुटे रहते है...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Think Over

Feel, believe, suppose, assume…What exactly you think about it?

-Character comes out in crisis.

-Heart has its reason which reason knows nothing of.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

chalo chupp jaye

I love being drifted away by life
m hiding from happiness
yeah you see,
we started playing again
with the carried over game...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Calling celebration

brimming through joy
scattered with laughter
I slept awake in my dreams
because the owner of happiness
is now resting in me!!