Thursday, May 29, 2008

Winter's here

I read these lines sumwhere..i dont remember where....

Stacks of ripe rice and
sugarcane cover the earth
the air rings with the hidden
calls of carlews
love grows exuberant
dear to lovely women
witner is now here
here now, my love.
People close their windows tight
lights fire
keep warm in the sun and
wear heavy garments.
Neither liquid sandal
chilled by moonbeams
nor breezes cool with fallin dew
nor terraces of mansion
bright with the
autumnal moon,
delight the mind at
this time of the year.
Cold,cold,with heavy
dews falling thick,
and colder yet with the
moonbeams icy glitter
lit with ethereal
beauty with wan stars
these nights have no
comfort or joy to people.
Wives eager for love
their lotus faces
fragrant with
flower-wine,enter their
chamber aromatic
with the incense of
black aloes,taking
betel-rolls and garland
and hot perfumes....
This wintry season
that abounds with sweet
rice,and sugarcane,
and mounds of dark
palm-sugar dainties
when love waxes proud
and love's sport is
at fever pitch;
when the anguish is
intense of parted lovers
May this season be to
you ever auspicious.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Lost

That beautiful morning
he was busy in study of clouds
bringing back one's thought
trying to compensate the loss

Those innocent eyes
free from stupor signs
holding the frozen water
fooling the world bewilder
present in the so called cosmos
he was, tryimg to compensate the loss
This world has given them state of idle
they are considered as enfeeble
they dont care about harsh and severe
as they are made up of different layer
blessed by nature diety and god, engrossed
he was still, trying to compensate the loss
He missed out something
he dont know what
and he's still trying to compensate the loss.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warmth of love

This is the first song i wrote...for our 2d animated movie....

Frozen vapour falling to earth,
as a fleecy tuft of snow.

Sensitive to cold,
warm affection,
abounded by snow.

At middle of the day,
when sun overhead’s,
white head comes and roars.

Little Eskimo’s attain their position,
and come out with balls of snow.

A figure made of snow,
was cheered and said wow,
when thrown into shape,
within the gap.

Covered with wrapper,
muffled around neck,
presented a carrot,
along with a hat.

At end of the day,
dry winds blown,
and figure felt all alone.

Squinting the eyes ,
he looked all around,
walked in swaying motion,
with a nihil sound.

Coming in town,
when chips are down,
he was left by itself,
and waited for the rest.

No one came and
he was given up to flame.

Every single drop he lost,
he softly disappeared,
from the frost.

It was the time, yes,
it was the time,
drawing near to him.

Melting the frozen,
leaving its sign.

M y Present

Dis is a country song...a sad song...
....beautiful lyrics...

Whiskey Lullaby.
She put him out like the burnin' end of a midnight cigaretteShe broke his heart he spent his whole life tryin' to forgetWe watched him drink his pain away a little at a timeBut he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind
Until the night
He put that bottle to his head and pulled the triggerAnd finally drank away her memoryLife is short but this time it was biggerThan the strength he had to get up off his kneesWe found him with his face down in the pillowWith a note that said "I'll love her till I die"And when we buried him beneath the willowThe angels sang a whiskey lullaby
(Sing lullaby)
The rumors flew but nobody knew how much she blamed herselfFor years and years she tried to hide the whiskey on her breathShe finally drank her pain away a little at a timeBut she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind
Until the night
She put that bottle to her head and pulled the triggerAnd finally drank away his memoryLife is short but this time it was biggerThan the strength she had to get up off her kneesWe found her with her face down in the pillowClinging to his picture for dear lifeWe laid her next to him beneath the willowWhile the angels sang a whiskey lullaby

why do we need blog?

.....well even i dont know....they just help you to take out things from your mind...

dont we have sufficient people around that so?
or its we who dont recognise them...or we feel weak and given up when we tell someone about our problems and think we are not strong enough to handle them..maybe..
we are wrong or they are write...

maybe we are here to have fun to know about people....dere one reacts...and how they put forth themselves in front of us...

to share knowledge..issues...points...views and perspectives....

In the jungle of the crowd of blogs....this is one more small entry....
taking the life to death...with each moment....