Friday, June 26, 2009

My Dream Man or Men

I was wondering how fast the time flies. Feeling like “abhi kal hi ki baat lagti hai jab mummy ne pehli baar pados ke tinku se milwaya tha aur by god ki kasam usko dekh ke mere hosh ud gaye the I mean koi ladka itna chikna kaise ho sakta hai”.
NO NO I was not at all like the nain mattaka type girl….par dil hai ke manna hi nai chahta… :P

So the symptoms of all my adaiyen (typical girly expression) started coming out soon. Oye adaiyen matlab baacho wali.

So let me share some of my dream man or men which I thought of since my childhood. Kindly ignore your logical thoughts for few minutes like everyone does at the time of watching David Dhawan ki movie.

- The first position goes to a TRUCKWALA, the benefit I use to think of it was, hum hamesha ghoomte rahenge..sara India naap (measure) lenge.
- Then I forgot him as soon as I understood the importance of dresses for girls. It’s like a never ending competition between all females, to have more and more and more number of dresses. All variety all color, they want all…I mean I want all…all of them. So the next person came was the one who had this big showroom and all those variety and colors.
- One day I went with..?? hmm with whom I don’t remember…but yeah I remember I went for an ice cream, and I realized this was my manzil (target actually) I don’t need a showroom wala dream man, I want this ice cream wala…roz roz free fund ki ice cream khao.
- Finally, my happy days came to an end and I went to school. I met a maths teacher there and I hated him but then I thought like a chatur chalak ladki with komolika expression ‘agar mein isko aapne jaal mein fasa lu toh yeh maths ka paper out kar dega mere liye aur fir mujhe 2 ka table yaad nai karna padega’, and he replaced the icey creamy wala.
- Some not so important people to mention here, the same class guys and new guys in alternate year… skip skip and see how I tired to hop in all type of professions.

Chalo chalo get back to work all of you...sab thodi na likhne wali hu...sab bhai behen padte hai blog... kya sochnege mere bare mein.
Chalo bhago yaha se!

(Michael Jackson - King of Pop died...a news for those who dont even bother to check the home page)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


With the different moves in life we think to pause certain moments and hold the tiny proportion of seconds. We did remember the feel about the unusual things happened with us. It becomes special and very extra ordinary for us, like we never felt before.
I wish I could bottle them in the empty spaces of time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Typical SHE

Girls are such a creature who would emerge very unlike from at first what they are. It’s not only the hormones alone its something which they take over from Venus. Girlfriends and wives can be the best spy team in the world. No more better detectives we could get. This XX chromosome has full on potential to bring guys down in most of the conditions :P . Make sure you have Venus in your favor or else this lady luck can ruin you with the help of jhadu (kind of Indian vacuum cleaner). A typical she is gifted with a dhasu kind of memory, able to remember all the days you didn’t come on time, you forgot to take her out, number of time you didn’t said you love her, times you slept while she was telling you how kamla vimala nirmala told her latest gossip..etc etc etc..
She is definitely the one you chose for yourself when you didn’t know the hidden talents of getting screwed.
So all you fools there get some phool (flower) for your dear one just in case you have only one, if not then try something that bites less of your pocket. Keep the typical one happy inside and rest you can be assured off. She would kill you with her smile.