Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Sighting

There was this strong unpleasant feeling, it was again a failed attempt for cusping life. Inadequate action or maybe lack of precision took the possession far away from him. Still it appeared annoyingly dainty and appealing. He got infected to the logic's now and tried to bring in more contamination till a dead lock is reached, this casted a morbid category of this being to get indulged into a sequence. This is a trap which had to begin somewhere but he didn’t knew, it was this and how. Preparations got hindered and continuously disturb the traumas which seriously hurt no more.
Pain was demanding more but it had no end to pleasure.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some senses broke down
when, it was bring into being
it’s too late sweetheart
you have fallen in the depth
and occupied forever..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


बाजारों की चलती गलिया
बिखरी बातें, खोजी अखिया
मनचाहे आकार को ढूंढे
रंग सलोने हाथ को तरसे
यह भी तो एक रूप है तेरा
बोले सपन अधूरे नैना
स्पर्श से जागे तनमय बतिया
खनके कानो में मीठी रैना...
bazaro ki chalti galiya
bikhri batein, khoji akhiya
manchahe aakar ko dhoondhe
rang salone hath ko tarase
yeh bhi toh ek roop hai tera
bole sapan adhoore naina
sparsh se jage tanmay batiya
khanke kano mein meethi raina...

Monday, February 9, 2009


"एक बूंद पड़े जो पानी की
गगरी तेरी छलती जाये
हवा जो उड़ती मुडती आये
साया भी तेरा छुपता जाये
कदम पड़े जो रेत में
धरती की प्यास भी बूँद में
चूड़ी तेरी लाक की
बूंदों का वज़न उठा न पाए
गगरी तेरी छलती जाये
बूंदों का वज़न उठा न पाए.."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

crying Smile

"trying to slow down
reducing the intensity
it has now become difficult,
for me to manage too much of smile,
it makes my eyes wet.."