Saturday, May 30, 2009

Door ke Darshan

Doordarshan more precisely known as ‘Door ke Darshan’. The Indian broadcast service which has remained truly untouched with the way it was presented. The look and feel has been the same today, though the content and presentation has upgraded from the past.
Remember the good old days when cable, dish and satellite TV were not the part of our daily routine. Doordarshan was the only available source of information, education and entertainment. Some things never change like the news reader of doordarshan or the duration of brakes. It’s just the same. The only channel you could see after years with some changes and would feel like “Aaj bhi waise hi hai”.

Have a look at the video clip; this is a sequence from a program called gali gali sim sim one of my favorites on DD these days. Check the link.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Days of Insult

Think yourself truthfully, every time you had appeared in a competitive exam you knew what amount of effort you had given. What great efforts you had done to get in the ideal buildings of your interest. We walk through the way with something nothing inside. We expect sort of ‘chamatkars’ (magic) after exam. Whenever step out of examination hall we always knew what we had done. How many bubbles got filled with the traditional methods of inki pinki ponki or tossing eraser?

Believe yourself and you’ll stop blaming quotas, god and mathematics.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Faltu Baat

How would you feel when people start spotting pimple on your face? Obviously there won’t be any ‘good good’ feeling. This was how my day started today.
My dearest sister said – “ohhh see you got 2 pimples on face?” (very intense expression) she got something treasure able. I said "Hmm I spotted it last night itself and you don’t need to see the details of it like how big it is? Or how many days it will take to fade out? Yeah it looks very attractive right, that’s the first thing you need to tell me this sunny morning. Great now get lost.”
This wasn’t enough next comes my mom and says “See you have got big pimples.” Wow, so should I more blessed for that. Ufff now my mom also have great expectations from me that m pimple less creature. (Aishwarya Rai ko bhi pimple hote honge kasam se)
Another pimple claim held at office, the accountant auntyji said, “You have got redness on face”. (seedhe bolo na aunty pimple hai). I said “oh I didn’t know about that, yeah. (aacha hua aapne bata diya..huh)”

Khair jane do…bohot frustration hai.

Don’t make pimple a hot day topic atleast.

Pimple ko pimple hi rehne do koi naam na do.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Ghosts

Humans have tendency to hide in dark, its just we pretend to sleep. When we are new to this world our great lovable mom’s are the god lord savior from those big green eyed monsters. Gradually after passing few ages we understand that actually nothing like green eyed monsters are there in our lives, but certainly we have got some more dangerous creatures around ourselves so we don’t mind those dirty nauseating monsters. Humans are indeed the deadliest creatures we ever come across.
Not all souls are designed beautifully some are really very exclusive, special and more adorable, they are very much prone to hatred, anger and jealousy. Of course, we all have these XL and XXL sensitive souls around us. They just remain in- secured all their lives, longing and caring for love, more love and more and more love (they must carry a love-o-meter). These love ghosts are everywhere, girl sitting next to you in class, uncleji living in the 2nd street, bus wala etc. etc. No matter how we normal people behave the love monster keep on turning on and off all seasons of life. The day we start turning against them we loose all credibility against them, yeah they’ll show you the door from where you’ll b kicked off for every good time you had with them. No matter how bad you are better you get ready to hold on charge for murdering emotions, raping reputation and robbing their best buddies.
Whatever, the love ghosts are not going to listen anything now; you have committed the biggest crime ever (which you come to know after like ages) like, not congratulating them properly on getting good marks (god dammit we normal people are just so cruel, we should be hanged for this) this is such a big mistake, we are in reality bad. Ohhk fine now no more LIKES now ahead. This would make love ghost angrier.
We normal people are rude, egocentric and good for nothing souls. God kindly pardon us for this.