Friday, June 27, 2008

My love!

My love,

she's my originator

who mollified my words

gathered my fragmented thoughts

relieved my mental pain

supported my smitten phase

always measuring up to her

even when i try out her lipstick.

m fond of her

my first love

my MOM.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"m suffering the loss of charm

getting deprived of enamour

giving stupid try to bear up

but, still at a lose end."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Five Precious Minutes

five minutes more in the bed...

five minutes more with your love...

five minutes more before exam...

five minutes more to stay on moon...

five minutes more to race...

five minutes more for a suicide bomber to think...

five minutes more to enjoy my puff...

five minutes more in football..

five minutes more for prayer...

five minutes more to hug mom...

five minutes more for game...

five minutes more to kiss...

five minutes more to enjoy loneliness...

.....just five minutes.....
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Friday, June 20, 2008

when will they understand???

People(parents) around you put you under the burden of hell lot of responsibilities.
You have to be mature and if you are not then at least you have to flaunt as if you are. Once you become a 'big child' you are not allowed to do silly things, play pranks not allowed to do masti full of madness.You have to be serious genuinely. They want you to judge life and come up with correct decisions. But what are the parameters of correctness can anyone tell me? Whatever they think is correct for them but maybe we don't agree to that and as a result they start imposing there decisions on us,because
"boss kaun hai maloom hai kya..."
You have to prove your sensibility at each and every stage of growth. But everyone has its own capacity to work and think, when will they understand, that each and everyone in this world is born with some potentials and not with perfection.

Hence i request all the bosses to please cooperate and respect our decisions.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda

Dharamvir Bharti's
Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda

Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda is a tale of existence, life, sorrow, tag rag, society, money, lust, unexpected and love may be.
I could find all of them but not love. Although the central personality (Mani Babu) keeps on narrating love stories in movie in a non linear fashion but i was not able to figure out love from that. Mani Babu share his words with his friends and he tells them about 3 women in his life Jamuna, Lily and Sati. Jamuna being just as a friend, Lily as a girlfriend and Sati. Sati was a different case altogether. This girl is so intensely in love with Mani Babu; but Mani Babu was a great coward guy, he ran away from his responsibilities and when his friends asked him about reason he gladly said -
"I never approached those women they came to me"
Sati wanted to live with Mani, she even planned to leave that place as if it was a matter of life and death to her but Mani being a weak character didn't had enough courage. Similar conditions came up with Jamuna and Lily. Each character in the movie gets displaced by another throughout the length.
In between those stories Mani Babu mentions about love, kind of love, pleasure in love, Platonism and motives in love.
But, about what kind of love he's talking about?
Does approach in love is more important then life of your lover?
Was the movie objecting towards materialistic love?
Not only love contentions it also put up queries on society, dowry and women extortion.
Another interesting point of movie was justification of title, it was justified by Mani Babu as -
"Suraj ke saat ghode hote hai,aur sabse chota ghoda hame bhavishya ki taraf le jata hai"
The movie is worth watching, it leaves you with so many questions, philosophical views and reason's to move ahead in life.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Buddy Brother

This is dedicated to you "Nakul Bhaiya"...
He's a responsible son..a good boy...and specially papa's boy...i always remember the beautiful childhood memories..we all had together..
you vipul bhaiya, pratul, nupur and me of course...all silly games we played..lakshya lakshya,chuppa chai,golgatta,satti centre,cricket on terrace,patang session,...hehe...and yes how can i forget carom..u people never kept me in your team..well the truth is...i don't know how to play carom even today..
I always enjoyed words which we shared...about mba...studies...your silly questions..your expert comments on people...(that poore and gaddehe wali road...sundar as sunny deol)..your trip to puttaparti..hmmm
Every time we went for fantasy..T I....we had so much fun.
bhai we all miss you a lot.... !!!
you made all of us so proud...!!
just keep going ahead..!
with lots of love...neha

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kitchen to cabinet? It's a long way

Hey girls...have a look to this was published in
The Times of India,Mumbai
June 9,2008

Kitchen to cabinet? It's a long way

When she was appointed Spain's first female defence minister in april, it was Carme Chacon's baby dumpthat drew the most attention. Chacon, who has since given birth to a boy, is part of Spain's first female majority cabinet, 9 of whose members are women.

A lot has changed in Spain but not in India where only 2 of 35 cabinet ministers in the Manmohan Singh government are female. A comparison of 177 countries in the UNDP'S Human Development Report 2006 found that only 3.4% of ministers in India are women. This has gone up to 11.2% in 2008 but still compares poorly to most parts of the world. It isn't just Nordic countries like Finland (58% of Cabinet members are female, which is the highest in world), Norway and Sweden that have more women in government but also Latin American countries like Paraguay (38%) and Brazil (11.4%).
Even African countries like Rwanda(35.7%), Zimbabwe (14.7%) and Congo (14.7%) have more women in government berth than India. Despit its dismal record on women right's, Afganistan too has 10% women ministers, according to the HDR report. The few countries that fare worse than India are Sudan (2.6%) and Yemen (2.9%).
No consolation for a country that has a long tradition of powerful women in politics - from Sarojini Naidu, who became the first woman to lead Indian National Congress in 1925, to Indira Gandhi, who became the country's first woman prime minister in 1966.

Two of most important player's in the country's politics even now are womenCongress president Sonia Gandhi and BSP leader Mayawati.But even that couldn't ensure smooth sailling for the women's reservation bill which was tabled after 12 yrs and a lot of drama.

On the other hand, Europe has seen a staedy rise in the number of women in position of political power over the last decade. There are currently seven female foreign affairs ministers and, since 2000, there have been no fewer than 16 women chancellors of the exchequer. Finland and Germany have female leaders- Tarja Halonen and Angela Merkel. Sewden has adopted the 'zipper system', where if a man tops the party list, the second positon must be occupied by women- in 2006, women took 164 parliamentary seats out of 349.

A change is noticeable even in nations that have traditionally prided themselves on their orthodox attitudes. In France, a country that denied women the vote until 1944, President Nicolas Sarkozy has fulfilled an election pledge for greater parity between men and women by appointing seven women in a 15-strong cabinet including Rachida Dati, minister for justice; Christine Lagarde, minister of finance and Michhle Alliot-Marie, ministre of the interior. In Italy, where the prime time TV Quiz shows are still presented by women wearing more than spangly bikini bottoms, the re-elected prime minister S Berlusconi has promised that at least a third of his ministers wiil be women. In 2006, Chile's president, Michelle Bachelet, had unvieled a cabinet made up of an equal number of men and women though, as of last January, 9 of 22 positions are held by women.

While some might call it a cosmetic change rather than a real shift in power,there's no denying that the sight of Spain's defence minister inspecting the troops is an image pregnant with meaning, in more ways than one.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Droplet Season

This season,
droplet season is a time
when something becomes more active.
Seed pearl's ooze out from clouds
covering the azured roof
these globules search for sentient's
who come out from attic
to fall in love again.

He comes from atelier
and she comes from native land
crossing the ripples
dying to be with each other
and not to touch and go.

They reach after the usual time
but easily walkover one another
abounded by flowers
covered up by drizzle.

Filling the hollow in hand
delighted gentle beauty
light of one's eye
they want to avaite in sky.

Sitting besides a narrow valley
catching the glimpse of eye
sweethearts of deep affection
dissolving prismatic colours in sky.

With the loss of drops
at the end of day
they move away,and say GOODBYE
until they meet again.

This season....Droplet season

Monday, June 2, 2008



m thrown into disorder...!!!