Friday, May 22, 2009

Faltu Baat

How would you feel when people start spotting pimple on your face? Obviously there won’t be any ‘good good’ feeling. This was how my day started today.
My dearest sister said – “ohhh see you got 2 pimples on face?” (very intense expression) she got something treasure able. I said "Hmm I spotted it last night itself and you don’t need to see the details of it like how big it is? Or how many days it will take to fade out? Yeah it looks very attractive right, that’s the first thing you need to tell me this sunny morning. Great now get lost.”
This wasn’t enough next comes my mom and says “See you have got big pimples.” Wow, so should I more blessed for that. Ufff now my mom also have great expectations from me that m pimple less creature. (Aishwarya Rai ko bhi pimple hote honge kasam se)
Another pimple claim held at office, the accountant auntyji said, “You have got redness on face”. (seedhe bolo na aunty pimple hai). I said “oh I didn’t know about that, yeah. (aacha hua aapne bata diya..huh)”

Khair jane do…bohot frustration hai.

Don’t make pimple a hot day topic atleast.

Pimple ko pimple hi rehne do koi naam na do.


Pranay said...

Am I the first one to comment?? Don't think so.
Behen ke saamne uth jaao, Aaine ka kya kaam hai? :D
Pimple mubharakho....xD.
Funny post..

Amal Bose said...

ha ha..
some people face no difficulty in finding something u want to hide or avoid... ;)
cheers :)

Amit414@IT-BHU said...

contents is what the title supports
but enjoyable to read...gr8 it is like faltu baat ko paltu banana....

Priya Joyce said...

hahaha..arrey yaar.let the pimple also feel important....kyu kaaa kahat rahi??

Anonymous said...

sahi tha.......... frustration to banta hai yar itni garmi jo hai [temperature is shooting up...... phew] ;)

i wish ur pimple fade out quickly


Phoenix said...

hehehe so sorry for your pimpled day!! dont worry you will sail throught it all

and as for pimples..try clear and clear ka naya product its something like ,,,removes pimple in 24 hours..dunno if it works.. :)

come on now cheer up

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Discovery, isnt it ?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hayyyy , apne mere man ki baat bata di. u'v got pimples ? yay! ek baat batao why everybody else other than us is so concerned with our specks amd frecks?

deluded said...



I find more and more hidden references to me in all your post.



where does this lead to?
*winky winky

deluded said...

well isnt it a good thing?

at least your pretty

thats why the pimple stands out.

if it was some other person they would say more like

you have a FACE on your pimple.*

get it off! yuck!

*that was in no way a reference to personal history


I just used reference in a sentence, twice.

lifetime achievement award!

deluded said...

shame ladki!

inne raat main online hoke sharm nahi aati?

also, am I funny or am I awesome?*

*note:no other option was given here

lazy girl! start replying to comments already!

will you wait till its fifty?
because its a long night, and Im bored

deluded said...


you have it the hard way.

comment no. 12

deluded said...

if i put in enough comments, does that give me a mention in your next post?

if not, then a mentos?


joiedevivre said...

@ deldued frustrated :P

tujhe ladka hoke sharam nai aati toh mein ladki hoke kyu sharmau :)

comments ka reply baad mein..

u gettin bored..accompany ullu's please :D

deluded said...

besharmi ki hadd!!!


deluded said...

laziness ki hadd hai ye :P

hmm. ladka ladki whats the difference?

I got a single room. I can do anything now :P :P :P

joiedevivre said...

@ frustu doc deluded

mera system hazar saal mein khulta hai
maha aalsi hai...isliye shanti rakho...reply karungi comments ka

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded

anything matlab amything :P

deluded said...

my god.
kitna beijatti karti hai!

*goes to a corner and cries

oh, my broken heart!

deluded said...

I WISH anything matlab amything

that would mean, that I had a relationship with a girl named amy.


deluded said...

sirf system hi aalsi hai? ;)

joiedevivre said...

@ delu doc
ohh teri....bura maan gaya
chal koi baat nai sab theek ho the way i thot doctors have got a lot to study?? and very accidently you are a doc.. kya mein sahi hu..

deluded said...


you should thank me

I am THE comment god on this blog!

deluded said...


tch tch. thats not a very sophisticated way to put it :P



havent you heart

work hard and party hard

aur agar free internet ho, aur neend nahi aa rahi ho, joie ko pareshaan karo :P

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded bhagwan aapke charan kaha hai.....

deluded said...


if you touch my feet that can totally be misinterpreted ;) :P

deluded said...


now THIS is a chat thread ;)

deluded said...

let me see

one joie comment for every two deluded comment.

lazy ladki!

joiedevivre said...

@ delu

see how 2 frustu people can make each other a good time passs :P

aare dailog mara charan wala..tune seriusly le liye...bhag

joiedevivre said...

@ delu
ek ka do..hehe
bsnl ka net hai....toh samajh jao

deluded said...



ab 'time pass' par aa gaye?

kya baat hai ;)

Id add you on gtalk, but then, you'd totally know my name then

who's superman without a mask, I ask you?

deluded said...

if you want an answer to that question, superman without a mask is:


deluded said...

there goes 'connecting india' down the drain!!

deluded said...


the comment section compliments the header of the post.

faltu baat.

joiedevivre said...

@ delu
oye superman mask nai lagata..2 character ki khichdi mat kar

deluded said...

okay okay

who's masked and sexy then?


I guess batman would do okay....

hey wait.

I can fly.

Im superman!

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded

superman se eminem wala gana yaad aa gaya :P

yeah batman..agreed

deluded said...

che che

dirty minded ladki :P

aah well.

who's my sidekick robin then?


more importantly

who's catwoman?

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded
aare what is there like cheeee...
its on of the most famous songs...
hum sab ne sune hai...nai?

deluded said...

aur video to dekha hi nahi?

*ram ram

starts chanting bhagvad geeta


joiedevivre said...

@ deluded

uff aajkal ke sharif ladke...

deluded said...

my god.

ladkiyan roooti hain!

aise ladke dhoondhne ke liye!

shame shame.

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded

rooti?? as in cry

deluded said...


they cry!

they pray to the heavens for it!

not roti waala roti!!!

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded (ab toh naam bar bar likhke bore ho gai)

ab toh duniya hi courrupt ho chali hai..sharif kya straight mil jaye wahi bohot hai

deluded said...



not bad, not bad at all

deluded said...


hehe, not really!

it wouldnt be THAT hard for a girl to find a guy.

at least the sex ratio works in your favour :P

joiedevivre said...

and thats 47

pretty good :D

deluded said...


our counting is always off by one.

so Im guessing this is no. 50!

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded

you never know...aur aapni govt ke facts fig baba aadm ke zamane ke hai..

deluded said...

hehe youre right!

par phir bhi

if you ever go outside(your tan say no :P)

you'll see only like 1 girl after every 3rd guy.

where are the girls I ask you?

they dont like to come outside, perhaps?

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded

well, jinko pimple hai atleast woh toh nai aati me these days :P

ladkiyo ki baat mat kar sari galti ladko ki hai..duniya ke sare handsome ladke marr gaye lagta hai..bahar kiske liye aayengi ladkiya


deluded said...



and there goes the old age thinking that its the GUYS who like looks and the girls only go for sensitivity, brains and the 'inner beauty'!!

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded

exactly, time has got changed...

deluded said...


you mean you actually admit that your thinking is shallow?

oh my god!

joiedevivre said...

@ deluded
m honest that i said not in a shallow thought...but in a big sense..

ABHISHEK SiM said...

:) wow - itney saare comments.

Rakesh said...

I'm guessing from their reactions that the Pimples were really big in size???

But neways, you made a hot topic of your pimples and got a nice little blog post for it :) Very smart of you...

Cяystal said...

Redness on your face. =P

Thankfully I don't have pimpless..ab jealous mat hona :D

joiedevivre said...

@ abhishek sim
yeh lo ek aur comment add karo..
really this post is goin too much faltu :P

joiedevivre said...

@ rakesh
non faltu observation.. :D

yeah they are big :(

joiedevivre said...

@ cryatal
hehe bachuu tumhe bhi honge aur tab mein aapni devil laugh hasungi :P

joiedevivre said...

@ pranay
ji haan tera comment first hai..
i dnt take mubarakbaad for pimples :P

joiedevivre said...

@ amal
yeah they have got no better things to do..
m frustu again

joiedevivre said...

@ amit
hehe yeah tooo much faltu

joiedevivre said...

@ pj
hmmm baat mein dum hai bacchuu :P

joiedevivre said...

@ suyog
haan yaar, but in between rains are soothing too..hiana

pimple jaldi hi marne wala hai..yippeee

joiedevivre said...

@ raka

really in 24 hrs..and if it does not they are in trouble then..


joiedevivre said...

@ hobo
hehe is post ka sabse behtarin comment..

joiedevivre said...

@ i'l try to be truthful

good question..hmmm...sochna padega..i dont know..

Diya said...

he he... lol! That was an issue. :P

joiedevivre said...

@ diya

peter said...

Arey Simple ur dimple when they point at ur pimple :D

Rakesh said...

But on a different note, pimples are actually a sign of youth ;-)

joiedevivre said...

@ pinku
itna simple nai hai pinkude...
simple pimple dimple are a bit complex

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

@deluded doc

50 comments !!! dont you study


don't you sleep :P :P
continue continue (lage raho )

Mayz said...

havin pimples means smone is in love wid ya ;)

btw thr is smthn for ya on my blog :)

ssnab said...

pimples haunt me everywhere!!! i get weird suggestions from every single person.. recommendations ranging frm facewashes to hibiscus flower paste to karela juice!!!

all the best with yours.. :)

Pooja said...


tinkerbell said...

wow !! one funny truthful post !!
i say, it takes guts to admit in the first place that you did infact develop one of those nasty things last nite !!!! haha !!!

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

lol...pimples really give all u girls the creeps....:)

Abhishek Khanna said...

itni gaali khane ke baad bechara pimple bhi darr gaya hoga :D

joiedevivre said...

@ mayz

pimple = love...yeh kya funda hai maggie

joiedevivre said...

@ ssnab

mine is almost gone now...yippppeee

joiedevivre said...

@ pooja


joiedevivre said...

@ isra
hmmm...what to do...its beter to say before any other intelligent observation comes up :P

joiedevivre said...

@ scarlet


by the way what happened to your name??

joiedevivre said...

@ abhishek

haan...beep beep beep.....

tinkerbell said...

wow !! joie, deluded !!!! i had fun reading the thread !!!
bechari meri joie, kahan phans gayi (:p)

Randeep said...

So its gone or not? Now u got three na.. hehe.. never mind

joiedevivre said...

@ tinkibell

dekho yeh hota hia jab milte hai 2 faltu log aur 1 faltu post

joiedevivre said...

@ randeep
yeah finalllyyyy gone

Resurgence said...

Gal.... first of let me tell you that this is a superb template (I can't remove my bias towards black)... :) ... And why r u frustrated by simple matters like these.... are yaar... isse kai badi baatein hot topics ke roop me discuss hoti hain... :).... Njoy aur tension lena kam kar.... :)

joiedevivre said...

Thanku thanku ji :)
m simply in love with this template..
aur mein bata du is template ke liye maine aapni too much precious BLOG LIST uda di :'( ..

about pimple...thats the point na this is such a trivial issue and why do people have to bother so much about it...
wahi toh baat hai, before pointin my pimple out khud se related hot topic dekhe na log :P

Nidhi said...

Pimple ko pimple hi rehne do koi naam na do.

Hahaha ! Nice one ;)

By the way, why does it bother you so much ;) That day would have been as normal as any other day in your life.. aint it :)

joiedevivre said...

@ nidhi
wahi toh has some kind of effect on other to speak it out i guess

by the way...woh gaya.. :)