Friday, August 14, 2009

Thank you!! Day

Its been more than a year on blog...for me blogs have been very fascinating...yes of course the frequency of blogging kept on varying at times...I did a lot of experiments while writing. maintaining blog themes, searching hell lota widgets and templates...and very important of all, I met so many people..made friends...which is certainly difficult for me..m slow at making friends...but all thanks to my loveliest blog and of course gmail...
Practically I cant write about every one, coz my list goes very long..also it holds some responsibility to write about someone...the know how for everyone is obviously different...
Here I go :-

Priya Joyce - I would call her a jhoothi ladki... :P..initially we knew her as Shobna...The first ever person I met on blog...we use to blog at odd hours, 5:30 mrng...exchanged so many emails, hugs and love..

Hemzi - Very famous 'urs hemu' of blog ville...we use to have long long chat conversation about stupid things and teasing each other...the brave soldier has got married now, god bless him :P

Digant - A fine artist in my blog roll...if you like colours with meaningful shouldn't waste anymore time and must check out his of the most favourite blogs I have.

Farah - Extremely talented writer..some of her post can make you cry...Farah once you said in your post that we have got some kind of sisterly connection..I too feel that.

I'l try to be truthful - She is a Hindi-English khichdi writer...very few people can create humor and you never miss fire :)...

Peter - Popularly known as Pinku in my blog...Very faltu prani..just like me..but no more vella because he has got a job. :)..This shitty blogger has got awesome status messages on person on blog who has accompanied me at various vellapanti before exams...

Nithin - Kochu he calls himself..a real master piece of irritation and a very hardworking doctor ...keeps on grrrin and slappin in comments every time...and writes very long posts...

Pranay - Another doctor, who is so versatile...he can compose songs..learning Spanish..a doctor all set for PG and very willing to help people through his noble profession...and writes blog too...itna sab kaise kar leta hai yaarr..

Mayz - Lover boy of our blog ville...I haven't found anyone soo damn romantic...he is the only person who can fit with a pink color tie :)...true mad deep lover...

Asmi - I proudly announce, she is my business partner in HI-FI Huggies :P ...anyone one interested to join us should go through her blog...she is a free bird every time ready for fun and masti..

Vikram - The tough look guy who is better known as rain who is always available to speak and listen...

Stephan - We both had written a song sometime back..and i m looking forward for some more beautiful creations...a very hyper boy..keeps on writing writing and writing...

Nikhil - Sometimes we don't require time to build up relationships..right niks...he is one of the best est persons I have met so long.

Vinay - The only person I have met who never gets bored of poetry...tell him any topic and he can write the best of poetry you might have ever read...

Deranged Insanity - She is no more on blog spot...but I especially miss you in my comments and blog list...

Abhilash, Aneesh, Ankita, Anirudh, Crystal, Divu di, Diana, Hobo, Iceman, Keshi, Lena, Mehreen, Pooja, Raka, Rats, Randeep, Saim, Sam, Smriti, Sarath, Suyog and Yayaver....M sorry if I missed out anyone.
You people have also been very dear to me and my blog. Thank you so much.

picture by Nicole

PS - Doctors point of view on Swine Flu..must read for everyone...


peter said...

congrats for completing more than a year on blogville :)

Kya be kuch accha likhna tha mare bare mein ...people dun even know who 'ashwani' is :P

Btw I had some awesome moments wid u ..u know that :)
happy blogging and happy independence day :)

VickY said...

thank you jalebi girl...

u have been one of the best friends :)

tc n bearhugs

Priya Joyce said...

thnkuuuuuuuuus mera naaam top pe rakhne ke liye aur jhooti banaane ke liye lol :P:P

jhooti bula ya idiot :P luv ya always :P

salamat rahe dostaana(oops woh waala nahi ;) ) humaara ;)

hugsss n congozzz..:P

Pranay said...

Hey Joie. Congrats girl! I know it is a great feeling to complete 1 year. But you have done it in style. No one even knew me when I completed a year I think. :P Maybe a few.
It's to your credit that you have made so many friends.

Wish we could have more time to talk but no worries, we would have.
Thanks for mentioning me in your post. :)

Itne saare friends kaise banaati hai kya pata.

Carry on girl. Wish you achieve many more years and many more friends.

comfortably numb said...

Badhaiyaan badhaiyaan:)
keep the flame burning!!!

Amrita~Ams said...

congrates...1 yr complete :D:D:D
maine directly apne nam pe switch kiya :P
hi-fi huggies rock..
tre bien ter bien :D..
hope we will clear all the levels..A1.A2...all..
and ll soon start our frnch blog :D

Randeep said...

Ooooi my name! :) Thankk you. Keep writing.. :) Keep in touch..


Anonymous said...

Thankyou - Bole to ???

The Solitary Writer said...

awww Neha....thats so sweet of u.....yup i remember the song :P....hindi ka kachra kar diya tha hum dono nee :P

congrats.....ur on the top of my best frnds list for sure nd thnks for remembering me in this auspicious occ of completing 1 yr in blogwrld :D

oye hyper boy :P

tc nd happy independence day to u :)

Anonymous said...

aww so cute....

thankie... :)

Dosth said...

well..seems u left me out..but thats ok..

very happy to know...its been a year..(so soon..??)

it has been great to find very interesting stuff here..and it follows ur developments as a writer/friend/girl-in-love.. many more years..

Diya said...

hmmmm... Congrats for completing more than a year on Blogsphere :)

shooting star said...

blogging surely is a gift!!
and wat an interesting list of bloggers u have put!!.....

Anonymous said...

chalo ab ek saal pure hone par party de do........

wait hum log party kaise karte hai...

sabse pahle to bhia pohe jalebi khilate he logo ko, fir movie dikhae hai aur fir apna , are wohi rajwada ke pas wala ilaka, sarafaaaaaaaa......

shikanji, malpue, poha, shahi kachori, vijay ka pattis, 56 bhog, imarti aur dal baati.......

to bhia apne dosto aur bloggie reader ke liye intezam kar de ....

sab log bhi to jane bhai indori tashan kya hota hai........

me yaha US aaya to apne namkeen leke aaya aur log bole bhia kaha milte he aise namkeen......

to apan ne kaha bhia apne ghar me milte hai....dil bag bag ho gaya apan ka!!

Deranged Insanity said...

I can't believe you mentioned me there. Of course I've been a regular reader of your blog, seen you grow (in your writings - mentally, spiritually and as a writer) but who would have thought that you'd remember me. Thank you. I feel honored :)

I'm sorry for not leaving my comments though. I just feel a little suppressed, not-belonged and ignorant of blogging world =(

But congrats to you. You have been great! Both to your readers and yourself.

Blessings always with you.


Deranged Insanity ^.^

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

omg one year since blogosphere lost itz peace..!!! well ms.brevity...congratz n keep rockin...

u wer 1 of de first people i met happy 2 b still in touch!!!

:) dis time no grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

ankita said...

Thank you Joie...its so sweet of you and congrats ofcourse for the blog..I wish to read ur blog forever...

chal party de ab fatafat!!

MultiMenon said...

I see my name der. :))))

Thankooos joieee.. I am the best est person u've seen?? :O :P welll........ :D


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

arre wo kehte hai na 'dosti me no sorry no thanku' :P cliche ? but sahi hai :) *khichdi writer* sounds like adwaita kala but also very joie at the same :)

Thanks joie for my esspessaal mention :D mera dil garden garden ho gayasi , btw ye sare bloggers to mere bhi favourite hai.

happy indepenenfe day :)

joie de vivre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joie de vivre said...

@ peter
tere bare mein kya likhu...we are too fokat people :)

@ vicky
mentionsss notsss

@ pj
hehe sorry to call you Jhooti..but the other day i was readin our mails :( ..i felt so nostalgic..

@ pranay
Thank you thats all i can say...
and i really wish to read your other other blog (wats up doc?)

@ saim
koshish jari rakhenge..shukriya

@ asmi
sahi idea 'CHE'..french blog..we should start wrkin on it

@ randeep
:D yess
we will

@ hobo
thanku matlab dhanyawaad

@ stephan
aapna gana super duper flop :P

@ raka
you are most welcome :)

joie de vivre said...

@ dosth
was not at all intensional...shayad i was goin through 'Short Term Memory Loss'..quite common these days you know..

hope to see you on blog.

@ diya
thanks dear

@ shooting stars
:) dost kiske hai

@ sam
baap re..aacha hua tu idhar nai hai..nai toh party ke naam pe kya pata kitna khata...
amrica jake bhi sev kha raha hai..
waha bake samosa nai milta hoga na??..must be missin :)

@ deranged insanity
you have no idea, how happy I m to see you..
hope you are fine..happy..goin well..
take care

@ kochu
i have to say something..
this time its me

@ ankita
babes party ke liye milna padega..and eagerly waitin to meet you..

@ niks

@ i'l try to be truthful
aare tere bina yeh list was incomplete..
menfion not dear :P

Prakhar said...

Congratulations!!! :)

Keep it flowing :)

Keshi said...

Congrattz girl! And ty for considering me as one of ur dear friends. That means alot to me. :)

And ty for ur kind words in my blog and most of all, ty for u'standing how I feel right now. Some day, perhaps we'll be blogging together again but for now Im gone hehe.

u TC, keep writing and hvn fun. God bless!


Pooja said...

m actually shocked 2 see my name der...i guess m d most irregular blogger...yet u remembered me..thanx!!

deluded said...



k.ø.c.h.ü said...

well per de request of mss.brevity i've shortened my new post !!! hey gal dis time itz dedicated 2 u !!!

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

now itz my chance..chk mine :)

joie de vivre said...

@ prakhar
:) dhanyawaad

@ keshi
i know you are goin off again..hope to see you again..
take care

@ pooja
agreed! the regularly irregular blogger..but one of the oldest people i know on blogs

@ deluded
what made you to write DI*K here :P

@ kochu

Abhishek Khanna said...

dhinchak oscar winning speech.. :D

pisku said...

keep writing dear!

Suyog said...

merci ...for

1. givin me a place on ur post
2. readin my blog offcourse..

3. and being my freind