Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aise hi kuch kuch - Part 3

they were going through a beautiful struggle
kissing silently each other on invisible mode
relocating the exchange of feeling
deep inside those dreams...


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

They ?

joiedevivre said...

@ hobo
now what
dont tell me...u didnt get this one too..

Lena said...

you use good metaphors in your poetry, makes people think.. this one is really beautiful :)

peter said...

yes i got this one !
and it's nice
but can you bring variety to ur posts plzzzz !!
I am trying to remember the last time you had a post about something other than ..uploading pics and write 3-4 liners..!

kuch aur try kar be X-(

Maddy said...

Beautiful!!!! Though it is not a Haiku......the essence of the poem is there

SMRITI said...

Tuition timings please... time set karte hain :( plzzzzz :(

Bata de date aur time..main aa jaungi.... :(

Trinaa said...

oye whr do u get these awesome pix from???

Priya Joyce said...

Someone seems to be falling in love :P:P

joiedevivre said...

@ lena
just something out of imagination it is.. :)

thank you

joiedevivre said...

@ pinku
thats the way i write..

will try something else too.

joiedevivre said...

@ maddy
it never was intended to be taken as Haiku..
just a momentary expression in few lines..


joiedevivre said...

@ smriti
aaree bilkul..
isi bahane tujhe milna ho jayega..
tu toh maharani hai..milti hi nai
maha busy

joiedevivre said...

@ tinni
shtyle hai babeh...

joiedevivre said...

@ pj
fallin bole toh giri hui

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

beautiful struggle. invisible mode! wowwwww beautiful and romantic. :)

Phoenix said...

precise and beautifully expressed..

MultiMenon said...

next time arnd,give a link to wer u get these pics from..Btw,is that U and HIM??? :p

take care dearie.. :)


digant sutar said...

jaise jaise kahani aage bad rahi hai
creativity bhi aage badh rahi hai!
achha hai :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

cool one :)

anirudh said...

beautiful... how romantic

WarmSunshine said...

sweet... very very sweet :)

joiedevivre said...

@ preeti
full of love.

joiedevivre said...

@ raka
and m sooo happy to see you again

joiedevivre said...

@ nikhil
this is not me and HIM :P

joiedevivre said...

@ digant
abhi picture baki hai mere dost

joiedevivre said...

@ abhishek
and i thought this is HOT :P

joiedevivre said...

@ anirudh


joiedevivre said...

@ mehreen
oopsss m gettin daibetic

Suyog said...

this is the struggle ............that can be enjoyed and relished !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Priya Joyce said...

lol joie ki bacchi aaj kal bade pj's crack karne lagi hei? :P

tat's ma job

Pranav Kumar V said...

Whoa!! Invisible mode and dreams?? Now THATs something :D

Sounds great though!! OK. STOP THINKING PK!! :P

See you when I see you... :)

joiedevivre said...

@ suyog

yeah..who would deny that

joiedevivre said...

@ pj
hehe..ok ok you are the master.

joiedevivre said...

@ pranav
no body will charge you for dreaming.. :P

chalne do!!

BIG Omi said...

I didnt understood the theme.. mebbe cuz i visited these for the first time.. but the feelings really made the point clear.. its touchy !!

Dosth said...

"Drink with me only with thine eyes..
And i will pledge with mine.
Or leave a kiss but in the cup..
And I will not drink for the wine."

..wrote once a famous poet.

i think that if we look into our dreams we see the real working of the soul..

these dreams are certainly worth looking into...

Gud luck..my girl..!!

ceedy said...

have been away - read the kuch kuches from before

this journey seems to make you more and more creative :)

joiedevivre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joiedevivre said...

@ big omi
thanks for dropping

joiedevivre said...

@ dosth
kaash mein bhi aise likh pau

luck ka good hona bohot jarrori hai

joiedevivre said...

@ ceedy
kuch kuches..i like that

lets see how far they go

Nidhi said...

:) is someone falling in love ;)

joiedevivre said...

@ nidhi
:) samajh jao