Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trrring Trringg

Na jane kitni kahaniya suni hai isne, fir bhi mann nai bharta..har roz kuch naya purana..guzarta hua..
Kabhi result ke number…kabhi placement ki khushikabhi ghar jane wali train ka conformation…kabhi mummy ki fikrrrkabhi bhai se udhaarkabhi dosto ke sath get together planning…kabhi ladki patane ke liye info...kabhi indian idol ke registration…kabhi bewajah reality show ke voting…kabhi chuunu muunu ke pehle wrds..kabhi college ke detailed discussion…kabhi syllabus ki chintakabhi girlfriend ke soke uthne ki awazzkabhi faltu time passskabhi sad news…kabhi last sentence...kabhi silence..kabhi extra loud volume coz of excitement…huh..
Kuch exceptional, kuch incomplete!!!
We can’t deny them, rite? We all have experienced it in some or the other way.
Conversations which are close to us….somewhere near the depth…special...important...facts...truths...pains...all ours!!
“Small stories traveling in sound”

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5 to 7

I was absolutely unavailable today. It was just about 5 evening and I was enjoying the "thandi hawa" in college garden, was looking at clouds wow it was so beautiful. A group of dark clouds were trying to push each other…Still feeling the sound of air in my ears.
Well, I was really doing nothing there.
Laid down in dry grass on my bag and closed eyes for a moment, kept my phone on silent mode. Yeah some chotu kida’s were really troubling me.
My mom kept calling me but I wasnt intrested to go back home. I wanted to be there for some more time and wished to write something, anything, may be irrelevant or weird. But finally had to go home, it was dark, but nice to disappear for sometime there.
So that was 5 to 7 today…there was nothing very special but it was pleasant for me, don’t know why??

Strange na

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

][ BOOK ][

Inside a new door
treasuring towards pages
turning upside down to understand
will go more deep...
unfathomable inside words
and won’t come back again!

PS - AJ mam thanks!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Piece of Work

Some miscellaneous work done!
Big B is having fun you see!!

Bhartiya nritya shaili.

Ms. or Mrs. Hunterwali

Aye Aye Captain!!