Wednesday, December 31, 2008

aaj 31st dec hai

aaj 31st dec hai, last day of this year..
aaj sari city fursat mein hai shayad, sab baache log bahar ghoom rahe hai, aunties ko aaj shopping naam ke kide ne kaat liya hai, sab uncle log aapni aapni biwi'S ke sath ghoomne firne nikla gaye hai..cycle walo ko bhi chaiin hai nai woh bhi bahar aa gaye, city buses and metro taxi toh all time roads par hi rehti hai...ek baar agar yeh city bus aapke vehicle ke samne aa jaye toh aap kitna hi horn bajao, kitti bhi galiya do, frustao yeh nai hatenge..u see irado pe paake yeh hai bohot :P
i was going back to home and itna traffic dekh ke sahi mein watt lag gai so i tried to map another route form the usual one, lekin woh kehte hai na jyada dimag lagana bhi khatarnak hota maine wahi jyada intelligence dikhane ki koshish ki aur...ting ting tiding...
i was stucked in traffic, ekdum shadndarr wala, aisa lag ra tha koi war front pe hai, dusman kabhi bhi wrong side se entry maar sakta hai aapna tank i mean aapni car ya bike leke..aur shayad woh aapke upar hi chad jaye ya fir misbalance ho jaye aur badi hi romantic tarike se aapke upar gir jaye..
waise mere sath koi romantic scene nai hua..also not any hittin scene..mein badi mehnat kar rai thi waha se bahar aane ke liye, jaise exam mein 35 number ke liye karte haina bilkul waise hi..
well the journey was memorable maine kuch nayi galiya seekhli is chote si safar mein..
shayad aage use karne ka chance mil jaye..
Happy new year friends

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NEW Year resolution

Some are in the process...few will get added to me very soon

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It was a dream maybe
eager to catch just one look
was ready to put down her shoe
to begin her fairy-tale!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Few more hours of darkness passed away
some new secrets got locked
just behind the virtual show
there was a life
which they lived as one

Monday, December 8, 2008


So, its been few days now to the Mumbai carnage and what all we are up to, busy with work, exams, daily routine, TV, hobbies etc etc. We all have come out of that feeling probably, we do feel bad but we can’t stop moving.
The same Leopold CafĂ© is expecting new customers, the VT (CST) are tiring themselves in scheduling train arrivals, Oberoi and Taj are on the way of renovation. We are making up for the losses…losses of property, evaluating the number of zeros required for getting back the same details, yeah we must not forget about MR.CM who genuinely tried his best to reach that house where even the dog wouldn’t go.
But nothing will never be able to fill those bullet marks. No amount of money can bring those laughter’s back in existence, they would be heard only in silence now.
At the very moment I feel...No blames, no anger, no hatred... only remembering the departed souls.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Metabolising energy within
with the undertaken wild music
vodka flowing in blood
moving gently to and fro
jumping in heavy beats