Thursday, August 7, 2008

“walking down the distance
i got obstruct by the motion of light
spark added flavour to life
leading to the state of sound presence”


Solitaire said...

Was it the light that your guardian angel threw down your path?

Anonymous said...

how do u manage to write such gems ?

why dont u comment on my blog?

Priya Joyce said...

hai toh yeh 4 lines par depth bahut zyaada hai.
luved it joie keep writing.

joiedevivre said...

@ sol
nope dear

it describes an event
the light here is a reference to that thing wich changed the life.

joiedevivre said...

@ buzzz
bas manage ho jata hai...:))

and i comment on ur blog!!
ab i phone ke liye i dnt hav any such view to speak
m not a techy manaic
so i dnt hav much to say.

joiedevivre said...

@ pj
yup it has deapth
yeh 4 lines nai hai it has much much more..

Abhishek Khanna said...

beautifully described in just few words!
amazing re

Priya Joyce said...

**yeh 4 lines nai hai it has much much more..

baki installment mein publish karegi

joiedevivre said...

@ abhishek
thanx re

joiedevivre said...

@ pj
nai bacchi
yeh toh 4 lines hi hai
but it has deep meaning..much much more..
den u think

Deranged Insanity ^.^ said...

This one seriously went over my head! What is it about? :)

And btw, nice orang-ish color! :D

joiedevivre said...

@ deranged insanity
ok i'l brief u abt it

it described an event wich took place,
light is the reference given for a person who brought in the changes,
that light added more life to life,
and d real joy came in!

hope u got d msg.

yeah! thanx my blog luks tangy now

Iceman said...

walking in search of light
bleeds by obstructions
the spirit refuses to die
leading to the light, salvation!

Prakhar said...

beautiful words...m not sure abt the context in which u wrote thm

Anonymous said...

your writings are addictive

joiedevivre said...

@ iceman
we shud write a poem by combined effort..

joiedevivre said...

@ prakhar
ohh gud to sse ur comment after long time

dis one describes an event

joiedevivre said...

@ buzzz
m really glad
thnax a lot

Aneesh said...

Mmm!! Getting spiritual?
I wonder when will you start writing proverbs LOL, now it's 4 line poems, it's not far when you are satisfied with one line proverbs, right?

joiedevivre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joiedevivre said...

@ aneesh
nai re
its not at all spiritual..

its related to my life
an important event

yeah proverb n one line poem
will surely do dat..
i luv to write more in few words.
also another factor is dat..m very lazy,

Hemanth Potluri said...

wow....u describe the whole feelin thats soo cool...


joiedevivre said...

@ hemanth
just tried..