Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"condition in which eyes get closed
turning on in drooping fashion
needing no long exposure
smattered feel in moire
slopping off to be
the victim of happiness"


Priya Joyce said...

ye tune likha hai...?? mast yaar.
Lagti nahi hai tu aisi philosopher.ha ha

vaise mujhe ye bataa teri tabiyat to theek hai na itnee jaladi next post.
can't believe it yaar

Prakhar said...

Nice..."victim of happyness"

Hemanth Potluri said...

wat a rite up...:)..simply marvelous


Abhishek Khanna said...

:O :O :O
elaborate pls

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

What bliss to close one's eyes in such a state! :)

Aneesh said...

Oh!! Can't decode it LOL :)
eyes get closed? Sleeping or dying :)

Anonymous said...

lol ..nice words ..dun mind dear but mujhe kuch samajh nae aayiya ...sab tarif kar rahe the maine bhi kar di ..;)yar aap log to philosopher ho jo itna sab likh lete ho..hum to simple insan hai.. bas blog hi bna le dats more dan nuff i guess ...

joiedevivre said...

@ pj
haan meri tabiyat theek hai dear
aur yeh maine hi likha hai
bas kuch soch ra thi and i scribbled dis..

joiedevivre said...

@ prakhar

joiedevivre said...

@ hemanth
thanx yaar

mayz said...

is it freedom we r talkin abt...freedom from d shackles of d world...breakin free from d materialistic joys n movin twds peace...salvation??

joiedevivre said...

@ abhishek
its about life, d way we live,

dats related to death
people start losing dere spirit
people who near to end, dey never wish for sumthing new, dey always remember special events of dere life, n special people, people dey luv.
very few people in dis world reach to d essence of life, reason to live, a true meaningful life.
so most of us reach to end wid half knowledge.
and dats hw people are sumwhere incumplete widout cumplete knolegde..
dis is hw dey bcum victim of happiness..people feel dey r hapy..but truly dey r not.

joiedevivre said...

@ aneesh
luk wat i said to abhishek.

joiedevivre said...

hav chosen dis pic coz
we start learning rite frm d time wen we r able to sense.
it reflects immaturity..little knowledge..
and more of my state.

joiedevivre said...

@ anon
no probs.
mein yeh tarif ke liye nai likha re
aur not even i hav asked for any opinions regarding dis
sum may call it crap or gud
it really dosnt affect d way i think.

aur tera blog hai.??
link toh send kar.
itna bhi kya secret personality hai tu.

joiedevivre said...

@ mayz
nope its not about freedom or salvation

its about knowledge.
luk wat i said to abhishek.

mayz said...

see datz y i say i need to read more...acquire some knowledge to understand such posts better :P

Buzzz said...

Oye inna chota mind aur inna vadda sona post, loved it yaar :)

too good.....

words r less for me to put up right here.

Iceman said...

Baap re kya bouncer hai!
That bounced over! :O...

pls samjhao mujhe! :D

Iceman said...

arey... cool saw the explanation down...

See this movie "The Bucket List"

Abhishek Khanna said...

well.. i never dived into such depths of human understanding.. but i knw one thing.. life is too short to think so much about if we are living in pure happiness or it is an artificial one. it is all about contentment. u think you are happy .. then you are..

everyone has 1000 problems on mind at any given time.. no one can really be happy ever..

its just about enjoying small small things :)

enuf of the gyaan for here.. rest we cn discuss on gtalk sometime

Deranged Insanity ^.^ said...

"Needing no long exposure"
"Victim of happiness"

Oh Di! What a whole depth of feelings and expressions!

joiedevivre said...

@ iceman
will see it!!

joiedevivre said...

@ abhiskeh
well we r 2 different mind
wid different perceptions
so no comments over dat

but yeah, happiness is the secondary tght here,
its more about knowledge

yeah wud luv to discuss on it.

joiedevivre said...

@ deranged insanity
kabhi kabhi ho jata hai aisa, dear!!

joiedevivre said...

@ buzz
haha..haan rite mind toh chota hai mera

thank u

Sachi said...

i must say i have missed a lot by not visiting on ur blog for so many days :(

Keshi said...

**victim of happyness

good one! that got me thinking alot :)


joiedevivre said...

@ sachi
its never late dear

joiedevivre said...

@ keshi
m still thinking on it!!

Anonymous said...
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mayz said...

u been tagged :)

Lena said...

makes one thing.. reread it few times, really got me thinking :)

Good one!

joiedevivre said...
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joiedevivre said...

@ mayz
aare ek aur tag
i already hav 2 pending tags
chal will do it

joiedevivre said...

@ lena

joiedevivre said...


Aneesh said...

***essence of life, reason to live, a true meaningful life.

So, what according to you is a meaningful life or essence of life or the purpose of life. Why are we here? :)

joiedevivre said...

@ aneesh
well i thuink we are here to xplore life..
to liv..relations..carrer..people..motives..and wat not
and hw much we are able to derive out of dese things

joiedevivre said...

@ samey