Monday, June 2, 2008



m thrown into disorder...!!!


Nikita said...

u said tht u have picked each picture wid a lot of thought.sure u must have....all in all the collage comes out really well....but even i can relate to all those pics...not in tht sense of confusion but just because at this phase of life i want to do so many things.......kabhi ye kabhi vo.learning new things, living all alone on my own..packin my bags n wandering freely....going back into the kitchen....eating my heart out.....bachpan....enjoying the rains...waitin for some romantic moments ..and writing a lot...all my things....and bahut kuch....lets see wat was goin on in u'r mind ven u posted this....

joiedevivre said...

first of all niki mam
that was a very bad day..and confusing too..i was all alone..and i was missing my mummy a lot..
now i'll tell u d reasons of puuting those pics
1.The chair pic is to represent guest..achnak aaye mehmann! uff
2.Bundle of pencils...dis represents my studies..severly affected in those 3 days
3.Suitcase n luggage...i wanted to pack my bags n run away
4.Piggy bank or money issues..i had some big responsilbilities given by dad...dat i had to do..some urgent work
5.Cutlery...hehe...i had to do bartandhona and all also..d servant was on leave..
6.The next pic is to represent...something gud...dat includes our meeting,night out wid sandhya and chatin wid frnd
7.hmm d nxt was again sumthing pleasing u kno..awesome mausam..i wanted to go for lot of ghooma firna wid my family..but no one was dere so i was all alone...
8.The sky n buildings...this is my hope..representing big hopes..which broke out when i got last rank in clas..
9.The last represent my cooking xam..i had to cook and truly speaking...i did so maakkari in dat..

so dat was it...i was so confused wat to do and wat not to do..!