Thursday, May 29, 2008

Winter's here

I read these lines sumwhere..i dont remember where....

Stacks of ripe rice and
sugarcane cover the earth
the air rings with the hidden
calls of carlews
love grows exuberant
dear to lovely women
witner is now here
here now, my love.
People close their windows tight
lights fire
keep warm in the sun and
wear heavy garments.
Neither liquid sandal
chilled by moonbeams
nor breezes cool with fallin dew
nor terraces of mansion
bright with the
autumnal moon,
delight the mind at
this time of the year.
Cold,cold,with heavy
dews falling thick,
and colder yet with the
moonbeams icy glitter
lit with ethereal
beauty with wan stars
these nights have no
comfort or joy to people.
Wives eager for love
their lotus faces
fragrant with
flower-wine,enter their
chamber aromatic
with the incense of
black aloes,taking
betel-rolls and garland
and hot perfumes....
This wintry season
that abounds with sweet
rice,and sugarcane,
and mounds of dark
palm-sugar dainties
when love waxes proud
and love's sport is
at fever pitch;
when the anguish is
intense of parted lovers
May this season be to
you ever auspicious.


Anonymous said...

nice poem....keep bloging

"Dost" said...

Thats a really nice poem....i wnder were u read has a very subtle indian touch to it...and also speaks of love's sport..hmm...nice indeed...

i always loved winter...the morning fog...the hot chai...freezing ears....

lets be cold again..!!