Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warmth of love

This is the first song i wrote...for our 2d animated movie....

Frozen vapour falling to earth,
as a fleecy tuft of snow.

Sensitive to cold,
warm affection,
abounded by snow.

At middle of the day,
when sun overhead’s,
white head comes and roars.

Little Eskimo’s attain their position,
and come out with balls of snow.

A figure made of snow,
was cheered and said wow,
when thrown into shape,
within the gap.

Covered with wrapper,
muffled around neck,
presented a carrot,
along with a hat.

At end of the day,
dry winds blown,
and figure felt all alone.

Squinting the eyes ,
he looked all around,
walked in swaying motion,
with a nihil sound.

Coming in town,
when chips are down,
he was left by itself,
and waited for the rest.

No one came and
he was given up to flame.

Every single drop he lost,
he softly disappeared,
from the frost.

It was the time, yes,
it was the time,
drawing near to him.

Melting the frozen,
leaving its sign.


Nikita said...

abhi i m in a bit rush...will read each n everythin n gonna comment on tht....but u shud hav atleast told me tht u hav come up with u'r blog.....huh....cahl koi nahi....i'll soon read u then....

Siddharth said...

nice poem
but seems a lot of pessimist feeling
but at least u write thats great...

well u can write more about the smiling face which give u nice feeling

but then too i like the poem
its great
keep smiling,
keep writing

neha patwari, a budding poet

joiedevivre said...

thanks sidharth...writing is not a big thing...anyone can do dat...but wat matters is to put d xact thing on paper...and m trying...jst trying..

Sonia Gaud said...

nice try girl!
i am eager to look at the animation project. i am an ex-student from EMRC, currently doing my masters in animation from san francisco. i am also working on many song oriented animation projects and so yours' sounds really interesting!

keep me updated!!
keep writing!